Tamsin Fulton

5 years working as a technology consultant in local and regional government using technology for community engagement, regeneration and take-up of government and shared services. See Your London ReportIt  for last environmental project and winner of best shared-service by BT & Government Computing 2006.

As a student I have been interested in working in everyday situations and environments, to find new uses for existing or new technologies. What could a street busker do with Bluetooth technology? (Busker Ringtones) How would young people hanging round the end of my street use video phones? (Clash Calls).

This year I’m building on my summer project, which aims to gather people’s associations and experiences of the city over an interactive map. Universal ‘themes’ aim to bring relevance across ethnicity, faith, age etc. What would a London map of Love and Loss look like? See Map My London

I’m currently beginning work on an intervention set in a Dispersal Zone in South East London. I’ve been looking at the work of Police Community Support Officers, tackling anti-social behaviour on the estate and am studying the engagement process, residents reactions and the effects of living in a Dispersal Zone. See Project Blog

Department of Communities and Sustainable Life Vs Collete Palmer 2106
The Dispersal Zone SE19