Mikael Metthey

The fascination our world has for technology has been fuelling our most crazy dreams. Today, there is no aspect of our life that doesn’t relate or rely on it. Being able to understand it better is an essential step towards ameliorations. But I believe that our role as students in design is to have an unconventional approach to the way we relate to technology. It is not about finding the most efficient way of doing it, but to reflect on the uses and especially the abuses we make of it.
Interaction Design is extremely diverse, for technology can be diversely extreme. It can become an excuse for weird and sometimes disturbing projects. But the truly important thing, if not premise of the discipline, is to never forget that we are the users of the technology we fabricate to answer for our needs and eccentricities.

The Minutine Space
The monster under the bed
Viruses, close enemies or distant cousins?