Michiko Nitta

Extreme Green Guerrilla

We are forced to face the reality on a daily basis that environmental damage is more advanced than experts predicted. As global warming becomes the top of almost every government’s agenda, recent trends have put pressure on world leaders to act immediately: for instance, forced recycling, “carbon offsetting” and a 10-year campaign to make environmentally friendly living fashionable.
Are these efforts really improving the environment? Are these activities saving the Earth?  What is eco-friendly living? When we live in a period where the worst climate disaster is about to happen, how can we live the ultimate green lifestyle?

My project takes current green trends to the extreme. I am proposing a community of people called “Extreme Green Guerillas” (E.G.G.).
They are a network of amateur self-sustaining people who have shortened their lifespan to sustain the ultimate green lifestyle. Whilst going to extreme lengths to protect the environment, they try to enjoy a decadent quality of life by utilizing urban waste and biosystem. This consists of embracing emerging technology to develop the ultimate green solution.

This project fell into three design proposals, which explore their lifestyles and systems they use to enjoy their lives;
1. How would E.G.G.s communicate?
2. What would E.G.G.s eat?
3. How would E.G.G.s die?


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