Jonathan Bishop


In “Inertia” we see the discovery of not just a material but a process, bringing about a new age of belief. By transforming all biological matter into completely inert non-biodegradable material, there would eventually be no more organic vessels for the soul to inhabit. Inertia practitioners collect every bodily emission and growth, from their faeces to their hair, and donate it for transformation.
Their final act of as practitioners is to have their corpse put through the process, opting themselves out of the physical cycle of life.
After this process (similar to that of plastification), all the material is buried in landfill, alongside our other man made creations. The practitioners souls are concentrated across that life which is left, thus speeding up the recombination of the “supersoul”. Can we really die forever? Can we become “god 2”?

Additional Phantom Limb
Vortex Window