Jim Kosem

Burning Your Bridges

Cleveland is generally best described by t-shirts and tattoos.  “Broken bottles, broken dreams” is a particularly good one.  It’s a post-industrial monolith standing guard on the shores of Lake Erie, seemingly keeping hope at bay and casting dreams to the cruel, cold Great Lakes winds into the beyond.  I got out.  Most don’t.

There are significant gaps in our lives, emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise that Interaction Design and design in general seem to neglect.  Those gaps are those of the emotions we wish we didn’t have, ones we pretend we don’t have: greed, envy, spite, and regret.  “Burn Your Bridges” takes on regret, but in the sense of regretting not doing something; in this case, not moving away when you had the chance.

Many hope and dream and in those brief and bitter spaces in between raising that beer and it hitting the lips.  They dream of leaving; leaving life, go-nowhere jobs and the neighbourhoods that seem to be swallowing them alive behind.  Just what could get you to do this: an investment?

Design and Story: Jim Kosem
Graphic/Motion Design: Jim Kosem
Production: Jim Kosem, Miquel Mora
Voice of Chris: Wes Pulisic
Voice of Burning Your Bridges: Jack Schulze

Spomenik (Monument)

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