Hiromi Ozaki

Born 1985 in Tokyo, mixed Japanese and English.
A musician, a performance artist, a programmer.

My mother's a mathematician, my father's a mathematician, my grand father's a physicist and I grew up talking maths with my family.  I spent my teenage years competing in maths competitions and graduated Imperial College Mathematics with a 1st class.  I thought I'd become another mathematician but while studying stochastic differential equations my thoughts began to wildly swarm into technology, biology, artificial intelligence, architecture, art, cyborgs, robots, anime, films, pop culture...and then, Sputniko!

In 2007 a cyber idol alter ego Sputniko! was born and she began to write and perform pop music about technology, transhumanism and feminism, then built a knitted monster device that makes music with armpits - which did rather well and after a year got a record deal in Japan.  I've been performing in the UK, Japan, Europe and released my 1st DVD album in 2009.

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