Hayeon Yoo

Compass Phone
Although mobile phones have made people feel more connected to each other, they do not represent any special human relationships in an aesthetic way. Starting from this sceptical view and observation of people’s habits, such as saying “where are you?” when they first speak on the mobile phone, I have become interested in the very problematic issue of whether the mobile device is a surveillance tool or a digital leash. Could it be turned into a source for creating an alternative means of communication which delivers a more poetic and aesthetic experience between people who are very close?

This mobile device does not have any verbal communication side, but has only GPS function. This measures the distance between two people in real-time, and then converts it to the time it takes for them to meet each other by either transport or time unit. A relative compass is hidden under the digit display. The centre of the compass always indicates the user’s position and its needle indicates the other side’s direction.

Origami TV Remote Control
Reputation-Check Instrument