Austin Houldsworth

Petrification Pod
Fossils are like books written by the hand of our planet millions of years in the past. They allow a glimpse into long-lost worlds offering insights and charging the imagination with images of what once roamed our planet. Unfortunately human control over the natural environment has, in most places, taken away the natural potential for the creation of a fossil; burials create the perfect environment for decay and its unlikely that human remains will last.  (could be nice to mention the complexity of circumstances - the statistics or odds already in place before humans took over)

The Petrifaction Pod is a device designed to turn organic matter to stone through Petrifaction (a type of fossilization), this naturally occurring geochemical process replaces organic matter with minerals as decay takes place. The Petrifaction Pod turns a freak natural occurrence into a guaranteed outcome. Allowing remains to last for hundreds of millions of years, a timescale that saw the dinosaurs die out. Within such vast amounts of time an entirely new species could evolve to contemplate the past.

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